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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Is Cool People Network?

    Cool People Network is a streaming platform that offers a wide variety of quality podcast episodes. We make things plain and simple on the frontend to deliver the best experience to those that want to consume great content and information. You can watch as much as you want minus all the distractions and there’s always something new to discover with episodes being added every week.

  • How does this benefit me?

    For the consumer we understand not everyone has Youtube Premium so with us you can watch podcast Ad Free and save $13.99 per month. For those who have a channel, like any other business you must have a budget for marketing because inheriting ones community is always subject to cost. Keep in mind we operate as a blog so all views will credit the original source because it's streaming from Youtube and not uploaded to CPN. We don't own any content here just a bridge between podcasters and consumers.

  • Where can I watch?

    Watch anywhere , anytime on your mobile device as we look to focus on devices of convenience. Although you can mirror your device to the Television we want to focus on the future of content consumption.

  • How much does CPN cost?

    We operate as a blog so it’s free to watch all content but you must subscribe to the network to share your episodes. Prices are subject to change the bigger the community gets so get grandfathered in while you can.

  • How do I cancel?

    Cool People Network is here to make things easy and simple. There are no cancellation fees whatsoever you’ll just terminate your access to share and blue check verification. You can still watch episodes for free just keep in mind the price could be higher when you want to return to promote.

  • What can I watch on CPN?

    Cool People Network has an extensive library of podcast that will entertain or educate you. We have over 10 categories with different creators giving you real life perspective and experiences that will help you navigate life as a youth, adult and entrepreneur.